Tips for That-Time-of-the-Month Blues for Mommies


S.A.D. symptoms described by Renard of Renard’s World in his blog post which you could access here.

I have long been experiencing this but only recently, when I finally admitted how this affects me (and those around me) emotionally was I able to manage it. Indeed, you can only do something about things that you are aware of.

So, here I am sharing what helped me better handle my emotions and the situation.

Monitor Your Period

Awareness is key. You can do calendar markings, observe physical symptoms that your visitor (or period) is forthcoming or use an app.

My favorite app is Flo. It helps me count the days, predict and track my period, monitor mood and symptoms and is packed with insights, too.

Watch Out for Emotionality, Irritability and Negativities

Once you are aware, you can always do a check and balance on your tears, mood and negative vibes. Via tracking, you can now also predict when these will likely throw you off balance. But don’t let it!

This is educated awareness. You still feel emotional, yes, but you have reasons to account for it. The more you are aware, the more you can tell yourself when your reactions are blown out of proportion or plain and simple irrational.

That’s when you know you have to do something about it.

Live in the Now

The mindset of living in the now (concept based on The Power of the Now book by Eckhart Tolle) is very helpful. Following this, you have to:

  1. Observe Your Feelings. Act like a 3rd party observer to what’s happening in your mind.
  1. Focus on what’s happening Now. For example, feel the heat of the sun or the wind blowing on your face, identify all the colors all around you, listen to the honking of the horn or the waves of the sea. Whatever is in your now.
  1. Hold your thoughts. Finally, hold your thoughts. Or, if would make sense to you – stop thinking for as long as you can. Go back to number 2 if you had to. Many quarrels and misunderstandings are actually from thoughts that have branched out, grew wayward and (mis)interpretations or suspicions. None of these are fully logical and may not truly reflect reality.

Hope these help. Please feel free to share your experiences.

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