My Daughter Turned 5

A dad’s realization of how time flies and how much our kids need more time with parents now that they’re young more than at any point in their lives.

When they grow old and become independent, hopefully they don’t settle too far away (if there’s no pressing need for it) so they can also look after their parents in their elder years. 🙂 But that’s for another blog altogether.

Meantime, here’s a fun and introspective read.


My eldest child just turned five (5). That also means I became a father five years ago. I’ve been repeating that to myself a few weeks now, and I still can’t grasp it fully. It’s surreal. The feeling of happiness watching her grow, the joy of being with her as she learns about the world around her, the surprise in seeing what she is now able to do and then there’s that bittersweet feeling making me ask quietly in undertone ‘why do you have to grow up so fast?’.

It has been five years but I still recall things as if they just happened last month. The hospital admission, the long wait outside the delivery room, the trembling and the anticipation. And then the first time I saw her behind the glass of the nursery room. I still can’t believe how amazing that felt. It was indescribable.

Five years went…

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