Save on Group Meals with Zomato Gold: Use My Code For Your Discount

Use Code: EMIL9619 to get 25% off on your membership subscription fee! 🙂 I, in turn, get 2 months added to my membership! Yay! 🙂

Most of us know Zomato to be the go-to site for restaurant search. Recently, they launched Zomato App which has Zomato Gold as one of its subscription types. You get 1 complimentary dish for free when you order two (1+1 on Food). There’s also a scheme on drinks.

What is Zomato?

What is Zomato Gold And Who Is Making Money Out Of It?

The sticker price for a 12-month subscription is Php700. I was introduced to this by a friend, Kimmy (see her latest blogpost here), who also gave me a discount code so I only paid Php525.

I’m pretty sure this amount is sulit, I would even end up saving some from meals. This is precisely why I am sharing this with you, it’s sulit and I know us moms, we like everything sulit! 🙂

Here are some of the restaurants that got me onboard…

Cafe Mediterranean Cafe Mediterranean
Tori IchiTori Ichi


So, what do you think??? 🙂

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