Zero-Waste Lifestyle and Conscious Consumerism with Kimmy Roguis

A Call To Action

One of the key areas of parenting, which is often forgotten or rendered unrelated is our environmental care and protection.

We send our children to school, discipline them, provide for everything they need, buy insurance, prepare them to become contributing citizens of the nation; basically, we do our best to help prepare them for the future. But we often forget that this future is heavily dependent on the future of our environment. The future of mother Earth.

How can we help???

Veron Estrella of Vonec’s Flower Garden: Building Memories Through Flowers

Good morning, everyone!!!

Today, we feature a mom who has certainly not confined herself to the duties at home and in the office. Not to reduce its importance of course…

How often do you find yourself saying, “I have no time.” or “I can’t do that.” pertaining to other things of interest to you?

This story inspires us that moms can be so much more. Learn lessons from Veron on how to make it possible and know more about her flower garden hobby and business. Who knows, maybe you can come up with wonderful ideas, too!

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Nature Belongs To Nature

I was busy collecting a few nice seashells and gave them to YenYen, my daughter. She kept throwing them back to the water. Finally, she found a small piece of drift wood and placed some of the shells there. She showed her dad, exclaiming, “Daddy, look at my art work!” and hurried back to sea. I said, “aren’t we bringing them home, baby?” Much to my surprise and amazement, here’s what she said, “They’re home, mom.”

Plus, sharing my realizations from this #proudparentsmoment.