Thanksgiving at The Mansion: A Kid Friendly Boutique Hotel

Sharing with you our latest family Thanksgiving weekend getaway at The Mansion Boutique Hotel at The Villages in Clark, Pampanga.

Check out the article if you’re planning a not too far out-of-town that is both budget friendly and kid friendly.

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Nature Belongs To Nature

I was busy collecting a few nice seashells and gave them to YenYen, my daughter. She kept throwing them back to the water. Finally, she found a small piece of drift wood and placed some of the shells there. She showed her dad, exclaiming, “Daddy, look at my art work!” and hurried back to sea. I said, “aren’t we bringing them home, baby?” Much to my surprise and amazement, here’s what she said, “They’re home, mom.”

Plus, sharing my realizations from this #proudparentsmoment.