Zero-Waste Lifestyle and Conscious Consumerism with Kimmy Roguis

A Call To Action

One of the key areas of parenting, which is often forgotten or rendered unrelated is our environmental care and protection.

We send our children to school, discipline them, provide for everything they need, buy insurance, prepare them to become contributing citizens of the nation; basically, we do our best to help prepare them for the future. But we often forget that this future is heavily dependent on the future of our environment. The future of mother Earth.

How can we help???

A Healthy You

Always remember that your family loves you! So, always do what makes them happy and content. Foremost on the list is to look after your health – eat right and eat healthy (with no excuses), exercise, pray and medidate, rest, get enough sleep and most important (and which most people disregard), go to the doctor or your preferred health practitioner when necessary! 🙂