Always Keep An Eye On Your Kids: Violent Scene Displayed At The Toy Store

I wanted to say good morning to you all, however, this article is not along the lines of what’s good in the world. Rather, a warning to all parents out there.

I thought that toy stores, being a place for kids, is a more or less safe place to be. However, yesterday, we found this “Call of Duty” collector set displayed among the other kiddie toys.

Apart from this being a war zone, if you looked closely, you will find a man pointing a gun at another. Behind this, a man was pointing a what seemed to be a bloody knife at another befallen fellow. Truly a disturbing and violent scene.

A couple of months ago, news came out about children’s-show-turned-violent on YouTube channels. So, for us it was imperative to – 1. to set the child settings on youtube, also download YouTube for Kids, and 2. limit and keep an eye out on what our daughter watches.

Should you see any, please flag the YouTube team. See this article by the BBC News – YouTube to restrict ‘disturbing’ children’s videos, if flagged.

Now, with all these, it is truly a need for all of us, parents, to always keep an eye out, follow, and be involved in whatever our child/children is doing, wherever they may be, literally. Perhaps, up until the age when they can already make proper and responsible decisions for themselves, maybe 12? or 15? or even 18!

What do you think is this age going be in this generation?

All in the name of safety and guidance. My husband and I would rather be more careful, than have these images corrupt the young mind of our daughter.

How about you? How do you keep a safe environment for your children?


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