What’s Your Favorite Mommy Moment???

I know, it’s difficult to choose just one!

But come on, let’s try…

For me, it is being able to teach my daughter to pray. In general, whenever we teach her something AND I see her live it. … especially learning to pray.

At night, I now pray out loud so my daughter would hear and see me. I also (try so hard, to the best of my abilities) explain to her the concept and existence of God Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and about Mama Mary and St. Joseph.

Simbang Gabi with my daughter and nephew. Simbang Gabi with my daughter and nephew.

One day, she said to my father, “Papa, I will pray. Then, I will feel better na.” She was that time sick, but I loved that she remembered to pray and with such faith! Oh, I was so happy, no words can describe exactly how I felt upon hearing it.

I will post an article relating to her hospitalization next time. I will link it here once published.

This is one, and sure there so much more valuable moments that I will cherish forever.

How about you? What’s your favorite mommy moment? 🙂

I, together with me family, am greeting you a very happy (and a bit belated) Mother’s Day!


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