Which Would You Rather Break?

At the shopping center…

Mother and daughter, of about 4 years old, were deciding which vase to bring home.

Finally, they picked one, which, according to the child, “Oh! This one, please, Mom? Daddy will be happy to see this. It’s blue, it’s his favorite color and simple like what he always says.”

The Mom agreed. Cheerfully and quite excitedly, the child hopped on over to her Dad, who was standing not too far away. Mommy was of course the one holding the vase.

Image from freepik.com

Why are you playing with it??!!! This breaks so easily,” remarked her dad immediately upon seeing them. Quite irked, judging from the tone of his voice, his snappy movement and facial expression. He then grabbed the vase from the Mom’s obviously careful and gentle handling, and I guess he returned it to the shelf, for he went back without it.

The child, was almost in tears.

Her heart, broken.

Now, which would you rather break?

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