Luisito “Louie” Bautista, The Road To Public Service

If you have a house in Dasmariñas City, you probably would have heard of the Craftsmen Enterprises (formerly GTJ Glass and Aluminum Supply). This is among the (if not the) town’s leading supplier of aluminum and glass windows, doors and other projects involving such materials.

Tito Louie and Tita Terry

Humble Beginnings

Craftsmen Enterprises is owned and operated by Tito Louie and Tita Terry. Unlike other businessmen who go into business with lots of money and coming from the rich and famous family, they started small. It was through hardwork, dedication, and lots of prayers that they saw its growth to the leading local business it is today.

The Road To Public Service

It was from this that he got to know other people in town who, like him, are into public service.

Tito Louie is 2nd from left.

He joined two civic organizations and was president of the Rotary Club of Dasmariñas from 1991-2004; and was Charter Secretary of the Kiwanis Club of Dasmarinas North from 1990-1996.

As helping others is and has always been in his heart, it did not come as a surprise that he got elected to public office.

In 1990, he was elected Barangay Captain of Salitran 4, Dasmariñas, Cavite. In 2001, he was elected Municipal Councilor of Dasmariñas City. Currently, he is both President of the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas in Dasmarinas City and Vice Chairman of MRRD NECC in 4th District of Cavite.

Tito Louie at the center

Being a public servant has always been a fulfilling role for me. I always wanted to make a change; small gesture from our effort will surely be appreciated by our kababayan in our beloved city. Meeting people, presenting our programs, welcoming them with open arms and listening to their stories have always been a part of it. It is fulfilling and I always looked forward to conceptualizing ideas and bringing these ideas to life through action and cooperation for all of us to enjoy a peaceful life. We are here to keep our city protected from illegal negotiations – our goal is to make our city drug-free.

I want to be remembered that I assisted the society also. Moreover I want to give back to the people as this is truly what they deserved, because they have chosen a responsible representative to lead them. Given a chance to pledge in order to maintain fair justice.

His framed photo from the Municipal Office of Dasmariñas City
His framed photo from the Municipal Office of Dasmariñas City, courtesy of eldest son, Godfrey.

Message For The Youth

We have included various good programs for our future generations. It is for them to grow into a better citizen. As a family man, I know the hardships. And I want to carry out duties for the parents in order for them to have funds, those who could not afford for their children. Our actions will surely give them benefits, the future generation will be more educated and create a more livable city. For I believe that they are the voices of our growing society, that they are capable of new and modern technology, coming up with a more advanced, innovative and acceptable of growing the economy.

Teenagers or young adults, are very important and ought to be paid attention to. Since they have the energy, knowledge and skills to keep our society stable. We know that they are the future. We should ask more of what they want, trusting the qualities of ideas they have learned to make our city a more ideal place to live in.

They must engage in community service; being able to help in a young age enables them to realize how hard and difficult life is. Furthermore, being exposed to these kinds of status in life makes them grow and help others even more.

Partido Federal Ng Pilipinas Mission and Vision

Vote Luisito “Louie” Bautista for Vice Mayor
Vote Luisito “Louie” Bautista for Vice Mayor

Their Team have a Mission and Vision to follow and that is:

The City Government will institutionalize innovative and corrupt-free governance, provide best social and economic services to Dasmarinenos and all other stakeholders to make Dasmarinas City an ideal place to live, work and do business.

Our City Government envisions:

Dasmariñas City to be a Mega City in the Region in 21st century considering the growing population and migration with inclusive innovation and economic growth.

Background Summary:

2018 – 2019 – President, Partido Federal ng Pilipinas Dasmarinas City

2018 – 2019 – Vice Chairman, MRRD NECC 4th District of Cavite

2001 – 2004 – Former Municipal Councilor of Dasmarinas City

1991- 2004 – Past President, Rotary Club Dasmarinas

1990 – 1996 – Charter Secretary, Kiwanis Club of Dasmarinas North

1990 – 2001 – Former Barangay Captain, Salitran 4, Dasmarinas

1987 – Present – Businessman GTJ Glass and Aluminum Supply to Craftsmen Enterprises

1981 – 1982 – Former Professor, Emilio Aguinaldo College

Education: Feati University

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Amid and on top of all the aforementioned, first and foremost, he is a responsible family man.

Top L-R: Lander, Terrie Lou, Jasmine, Belle

Middle L-R: Paula, Tita Terry, Georgie, Tito Louie with Gabe, Joshua with his and Belle’s baby

Bottom L-R: Godfrey with Yanie,, Shyra

Note: this is written alongside and pictures courtesy of Jasmine Bautista, his youngest daughter.

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