Extended Maternity Leave: Condensed Version for Moms in the Ph

Hello mommies!

Finally, what we’ve all waited for! More time with our new born babe. The Republic Act 11210 is very long and can I say, boring? 😉

So here, let me chop it up for you.

Here’s the link to the full document in downloadable PDF format.

What are its Highlights of RA 11210?

  • 105 Days Paid ML (from previous 60 for normal delivery and 78 for CS).
  • Could be taken before or after delivery, provided that there’s 60 days remaining post-partum.
  • Mothers can transfer 7 days to their spouse, coordination should be made with both employers.
  • Can extend 30 days more, unpaid leave. Should send notice 45 days before end of paid leave.
  • In the untoward event that something happens to the mother, the caregiver (who may be a family member or the spouse himself) can claim this benefit.

There you have it, a condensed version of the expanded maternity leave. At present we (HR practitioners) await the IRR, for full understanding of the details for implementation. However, even without that (yet), we are assured that we can now claim this benefit. 🙂

Happy Weekend, mommies!

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