10 Worthwhile Things To Do While Waiting For ‘The One’

As this is the love month, so much is being written/has been written/was written about romantic love and couples in romantic relationships. For a change, I am dedicating this article to all the single people out there. More specifically, those who, in the depths of their hearts believe they are meant for married bliss.

These are very important life skills, even and especially for moms. So, it’s best to learn everything from number 1 to number 10 while you are still single and have lots of time to spare. 🙂

Learn To Drive

  • driving to/from the office
  • grocery shopping (I just want to emphasize grocery here)
  • bringing the kids to workshops or school
  • emergency situations
  • Learn To Swim
    • most kids love the water, you will be left out if you can’t join them in the pool or the beach – guaranteed!
      emergency situations
  • Learn To Bake
    • brings the domesticated diva in you a notch higher
      can be a secondary (even primary) source of income
      great activity with the kids
      husbands love homemade goodies
  • Learn To Cook
    • same as above
    • ability to prepare healthy dishes (should you choose to)
    • more cost effective (and again healthier and safer) vs. store bought
  • Take Graduate Studies/Take Certifications/Take Up A Hobby
    • you can focus more when you take these while still single
      MBA and other certification courses are also popular venues where you could find or where you could be found by “the one” (hopefully the purpose is primarily to learn)
  • Move Your Career Up
    • in most corporate jobs, you will have to invest time and effort to climb the corporate ladder, this is great time (being single) to do that
      you can continue to climb even after starting a family, but it’s good to establish your credibility and personal brand way ahead
  • Get Fit, Stay Fit
    • apart from age, the pregnancy hormones (and even after that) makes you fat (there, I said it); save a few who are blessed with awesome genes, so it is good to enter this phase with a ‘fit’ you – easier to get back in shape
      great to start developing a fit and healthy lifestyle earlier so you could set a good example to your new family; you would know how to create a healthy lifestyle for them as well
  • Activate Your Social Calendar
    • friends are treasures, meet-up with them as often as possible while you still have lots of time to spare
      make new friends, too, by joining community, church and special interest groups – it may also be where you’ll meet your “the one”
      friends make for a great support system at any point of your life so don’t neglect them
  • Take Care Of Your Reproductive Health
    • I’ve met so many who have been trying to conceive for years (we are talking 5-10 years) and still in the process of caring for their own reproductive health
      best to care for it as early as possible, so when you are ready, your body is also prepared to grow a healthy baby
      married or single, women should start seeing an OB-Gyne as soon as any abnormality is detected (at any age) or for annual visits starting age 21 🙂
      Don’t have a trusted OB yet? Look for Dra. Gracia Lejani Pre-San Diego at ACE Medical Center Quezon City or Dra. Aidelenn Wong-Bajandi at DCMC, Salawag, Dasmariñas City Cavite or EAC Medical Center – Salitran, Dasmariñas City, Cavite or Dr. Pete Crisostomo at DLSU Medical Center also in Dasmariñas City.
  • Pray. Have Faith.
    • God has plans for each one of us, always connect with Him to express trust, to praise and to surrender to His divine will; remember, not your plans but His’
    • remember to be specific in your prayers 🙂

    Admittedly, of my list of 10, I only accomplished 3 (can you guess which ones?) when I was still single and I know from experience how difficult (but possible, working on the rest of them now) it is to divide time and make more time now that I am a mom. I look back at my single years and realized how much time I spent working long hours, sleeping and watching TV, which I could have dedicated to more worthwhile activities.

    So, be better prepared than myself. Learn from my experience. Have fun along the way.

    Cheers to being single and all the perks that come with it! Stay happy!

    4 thoughts on “10 Worthwhile Things To Do While Waiting For ‘The One’

    1. What a great list Emile. Some of the point you put here, most of the women don’t even bother paying attention to them such as taking care of your reproductive health. I am back on wordpress but you have to re-follow me in order to stay connected friend.

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