10 Things We Love About The Men We Love

What’s the best Valentine’s Day gift for the husband?

A watch? A shirt? Chocolates?

How about nice words?!

This Valentine’s, let’s honor our husbands! Show love via words of appreciation and respect. 🙂 I’m sure they’ll love it!

Here, we honor the men in our lives – my father, my husband, my brother and my brother-in-law. Each set of “10-Things-We-Love” was written by their wives – my mother, myself, my sister-in-law and my sister, respectively.

(L-R) My brother, my father, my husband, my brother-in-law. All photos from my wedding. (L-R) My brother, my father, my husband, my brother-in-law. All photos from my wedding.

My Mother’s Top 10 For My Father:

1. Very understanding and intelligent. The math tutor of our kids!

  • 2. Helpful and always lends a hand to those in need – family, relatives and friends.
  • 3. Supportive to the dreams and aspirations of our kids.
  • 4. A very loving husband, father, son and grandpa. Able to sacrifice convenience and comfort for the convenience and comfort of his family.
  • 5.Very patient – noise, wait time, response time, people with varied and sometimes very interesting (to put it nicely) personalities – he can be patient in the face of and amid all these.
  • 6. Conservative and positive outlook in life.
  • 7. Sensitive and attentive to the needs of others, especially family and children.
  • 8. Persistent in a calm kind of way. Always very calm indeed.
  • 9. Did I say he is intelligent? Not only that, he is also very receptive to new learnings. He started to learn to cook just a few years ago and now cooks very delicious meals.
  • 10. A very caring lolo. Grandchildren are endeared to him. Hehe
  • My Top 10 For My Husband:

    1. Very responsible – responsible son, brother, husband and father.

    2. Organized (bordering OC, really) and something that I always appreciate in him.

    3. Financial-savvy. He only buys the needs and not the wants (or rarely, the wants).

    4. Caring and loving dad. Always prioritizes our daughter even if that means lack of sleep on his part.

    5. Very attentive to our needs – all kinds of needs, from financial, to safe and comfortable commute, to more time with him to something that others might regard as a small thing, but is nevertheless hugely appreciated by me – hot water for my morning bath.

    6. Mon-dates. We work opposite timezones, but whenever he can and mostly on Mondays, he brings me to the office and we enjoy breakfast before I start my work week.

    7. Eloquent speaker.

    8. Confident. To be honest, one of first things I liked about him.

    9. Thoughtful. Always remembers special occasions and preferences.

    10. Best human alarm-clock! My husband can, not only wake me up, but also get me up on my feet even when I am still half asleep. He is a licensed Physical Therapist. 🙂

    My Sister-In-Law’s Top 10 For My Brother:

    1. Good listener and very understanding.

    2. Tidy which might be uncommon to some men. He keeps our home tidy and enjoys gardening.

    3. Very much dedicated to us. Sacrifices and would do things beyond his comfort zone for his family.

    4. Loving father who makes quality time for our 2 daughters. Who would believe he is the nappy changing expert between us?

    5. Very helpful and dependable. Takes over when mum is sick or exhausted like waking up to make the kids milk (makes milk for mummy too before bedtime) or making meals when mum is sick.

    6. Unexpectedly thoughtful – goes above and beyond to organize surprises.

    7. Never tires of driving us safely to school, to office and to any of our nearcation destinations

    8. Very supportive and helpful for our activities, passions and ambitions

    9. A good steward and a protective head of the family.

    10. Intelligent and I would say wiser beyond his years.

    My Sister’s Top 10 For My Brother-In-Law:

    1. God-fearing

    2. Walang bisyo

    3. “Hatid sundo” if he can

    4. He’s an IT technician, so he’s the go-to person when we hae concerns about our phones, computer, internet and the likes.

    5. He accompanies me to my trips to bookstore (l’m a librarian) without complaints.

    6. Handyman

    7. He’s always thinking about house improvement

    8. We can talk sensibly about financial matters.

    9. He wants to have a child, but he’s okay if it is not God’s will.

    10. He loves the dogs, Potchi and Luna.

    If you are a wife reading this, what’s your top 10 for your husband? 🙂

    Special thanks to my mom, sister and sister-in-law for joining me! 🙂

    And to all of you, Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

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