7 Things About Eau de Toilet Drops

First of all, what is Eau de Toilet Drops?

It is a toilet odor trap!

Box of Eau de Toilet in Eucalyptus
Box of Eau de Toilet in Eucalyptus
Description of Escent Ph’s Eau de Toilet Drops
Description of Escent Ph’s Eau de Toilet Drops

7 Things I Like About Eau de Toilet Drops by Escents PH


…as opposed to the usual spray bottle. I have tried two other brands, both in spray bottles, and I really don’t like the way the products are dispensed. Plus, it gets more and more difficult to spray the closer you get to the bottom. The drop bottle, on the other hand makes usage way easier and dispenses faster.

3 scents

There are options – eucalyptus, citrus and floral (as shown in the featured photo). What I tried, though, was the eucalyptus scent and it smells great and soothing, to say the least. Think spa scent in the toilet!


Sometimes, I do 1-2 drops, sometimes more. The times when I do more than 2 drops, the aroma stays on until after 2-3 flushes. That’s how concentrated it is.

Small Container

Perfect for the pocket, easily finds a slot in your pouch or handbag.

Honestly, you would want them in bigger ones so they won’t run out as fast, but you don’t want to carry around a big bottle, I bet.

Going Out Of Town

When you are in a hotel, no matter how big your room or that there is a vent, you are still in an enclosed area, correct? That’s why I like taking it with us during our out of town trips. The picture below was when we were in Clark (Read also: Thanksgiving at The Mansion: A Kid Friendly Boutique Hotel) over the Thanksgiving holiday.

My Eau de Toilet in one of our out-of-town trips.
My Eau de Toilet in one of our out-of-town trips.

Outdoor “Emergency” Moments

Well, it happens. The call of nature. Sometimes you ate the wrong food combination, sometimes it’s too much stress or for whatever reason, it’s good to be prepared all the time. Think of it as being good to yourself and polite to the next user. 🙂

Toddler Tagging Along

This is my favorite! If you’re a mom like me, you know what I’m talking about. Toddlers, they’re cute little creatures, and sometimes they cling like a koala and tag along everywhere, including the restroom. Well, as they say, they won’t be this sweet for a loooong time, so just enjoy these moments. Whenever she’s in the restroom with me, I make sure to use this so she would be spared. You know!

Always great to leave a great scent behind, especially in the bathroom! 🙂

What it is now - an empty bottle. Off to get a new one...
What it is now – an empty bottle. Off to get a new one…

Escents PH is where you can visit to inquire about this product. They’re very nice and responsive.

Disclosure: Eau de Toilet was given to me as a token of thanks for my other article Roachbusters; everything written here are my own thoughts and opinion.

Thank you very much and I’ll catch up with you again soon!

For your questions or feature or topic suggestions, please do write to me – emiletherese@yahoo.com.

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