When In MANILA, get a JUANSIE and enjoy the HAPPY HOODIES!!!

There are online stores that I avoid, then there are those that I am thankful they actually exist! The latter is how I feel about Juansie Manila.

My daughter saw a crocodile costume in the nearby mall, which looks very much like a dinosaur. Of course, the dino costume is what she’s been looking for. Unfortunately, there’s none for her size. So, I searched and asked around. My go-to Lazada did not have nice ones.

Luckily, one of my cousins suggested Juansie Manila. Here she is in one of her’s…

Jasmine in her Juansie, HalloweenJasmin in her Juansie for Halloween

When she said Juansie Manila, I though it sounded familiar. Aha! That’s on the tag of my daughter’s Charmander costume, which my husband bought from ToysRUs.

My daughter’s Charmander costume by Juansie ManilaMy daughter’s Charmander costume by Juansie Manila

The transaction was a breeze! I ordered and got exactly what we wanted the following day.

Intrigued, I e-interviewed the young, bubbly and pretty entrepreneur, Rica Tai. Oh and did I mention, she’s pretty smart, too – a graduate of the country’s premier university, UP Diliman; she graduated twice – Business Ad and Interior Design!

Purposeful Parenting Journey (PPJ): How did Juansie Manila come about?

Rica Tai (RT): Juansie Manila (2015) was actually the brain child of my younger sister Dayne. She wanted a onesie so bad, I got one for her for Christmas. She was disappointed with what I got for her because apparently the one I got was of low quality (I totally had no idea there were options). So she said she wanted the good quality ones brought in. However, there was a minimum of 25pcs. requirement to purchase. I told her, let’s get them and sell the rest to your friends who might want one as well. She ended up not keeping any onesie since we sold all of them. The rest was history! It was from 1 box to 2 boxes to 3 boxes to cargos! Super overwhelming.

I had a company with my college friends back in 2009, called Happy Hoodies Inc. We sold hoodies with designs on the hoods similar to a onesie. Eventually my friends graduated, went on to their preferred career paths and I was left with it. I gave them their shares of the company and absorbed Juansie Manila with my sister. So now, Juansie Manila is under Happy Hoodies, Inc.!

My sister is actually now in Norway doing her masters, she tries her best to still contribute. But it’s okay as we have stabilized operations before she left. Currently we have 2 sales staff and a driver! Yay!

PPJ: How did it get so big?

RT: We started being in bazaars. Then one day Toys R Us called us in and wants our products in their stores. The next year Toy Kingdom followed suit. From a few branches, this year we are in 12 TRU, and 5 TK. This year we also started being in 2 Tiongsan branches in Baguio (my dream onesie stores location btw).

I think it was just pure luck that they contacted us. Seeing how our quality is different from the others.

Rica’s first bazaar experience with classmates (L-R) Trixie, Oliver, Rica, MannyThe Happy Hoodies’ first bazaar in 2009 (L-R) Trixie, Oliver, Rica, Manny

PPJ: How do you ensure quality of each piece?

RT: We have been working with our supplier for years and they have proven so far their consistency in quality. Each item is checked and packed one by one, once it arrives in the office and before they get shipped out to customers. We also have a guarantee wherein if there are damages, we exchange!

PPJ: What are up and coming from Juansie?

RT: Planning to expand the kids/toddler designs. There are around 30 kids/toddler now and 60+ tween/adult ones. Maybe have all the designs available in all sizes to make it even. Maybe more cute items too like plush toys, plush slippers, pillows, etc.! So excited to scout for worthy items for next year ❤

PPJ: Please share your most fulfilling experience in Juansie Manila.

The fulfilment for me is seeing happy memories created with the onesies. I feel so happy when people send photos of their families, friends, office parties, reunions, school plays, etc. It’s the ultimate goal of these cute stuff anyway, and those memories are gold! It’s also nice to see people showing up in them with confidence, standing out in a crowd, making people smile and laugh – it’s amazing what one piece of clothing can do!

You have no idea what joy I feel when I meet new people who know about Happy Hoodies or Juansie Manila or when they say they have one and have been wearing them for years – OMG, sometimes I just want to cry, haha. It’s really different when you own the business and seeing it grow – all the hard work really pays off! Every late night is worth it!

I remember when we didn’t have a driver yet, just me and my staff, Darlyn, would be the ones delivering to malls. We memorized all the secret entrances in most malls already and carried huge crates ourselves! I personally met all of the promodisers and branch managers as well and they couldn’t believe I’d actually go with the deliveries! HAHA. It was really fun though!!! Until now, I do branch visits and say hi to them and so happy they still remember me!


A. TOYS R’ US (12)

Alabang Town Center, Century City Mall, Eastwood Mall, Estancia Mall, Glorietta 1, Greenbelt 5, Robinsons Place Manila, Powerplant Mall, Shangri-la Plaza, Trinoma Mall, Nuvali, Uptown BGC


SM MOA, SM Megmall, SM Aura, SM Makati Annex, SM North Edsa


UP Town Center, Ayala Malls Vertis North


La Trinidad, Harrison


Happy Hoodies Inc.

52 Almond Nut St., Marikina East Subd., San Roque, Marikina CIty

Website: www.juansiemanila.com

FB: /juansiemanila

IG: @Juansie Manila

Contact Number: 6567714, 0906-569-8467

They are currently on sale till the end of December! 🙂

Juansie Manila and Happy Hoodies on Sale til end of December!Juansie Manila and Happy Hoodies on Sale til end of December!

By the way, this is just online. We were at the mall on Monday and saw several Juansies in Toys R Us. Each costs Php1499 (or something close to this rate), but online I only got the Dino costume for Php1200! 🙂

Kids at play. My daughter in her dino costume and her cousin, Willow, in the Charmander Juansie. My daughter in her dino costume and her cousin, in the Charmander Juansie.

I think it is really the quality + great customer service + convenience/accessibility that makes this brand a winner. I’m sure they have several return customers or those referring them to friends and relatives. My cousin is one and now, me, too!

Happy shopping!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and I hope you had a good dose of inspiration from our young entrepreneur.

For questions or topic/feature suggestions, please write to me – emiletherese@yahoo.com.

Catch-up with you soon! 🙂

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