What Do You See? Thoughts and Suggestions Shape Reality.

What Do You See? Thoughts, Suggestions and RealityWhat Do You See? Thoughts, Suggestions and Reality

And just like that, the last month of the year just rolled in! Did your Christmas Wishes and New Year’s Resolutions come true? Is your list ready for next year?

Well, this isn’t about wishes and resolutions. Rather, a key component that helps make these come to life!

As the sun was rising this morning, my daughter saw these figures up on the ceiling.

Images on the ceiling. What do you see?
Images on the ceiling. What do you see?

My daughter being a dinosaur fanatic, saw the image on the left as a dinosaur, a brachiosaurus! The one on the right as a squid. Now, when she pointed it out to me, the light seems to organize itself a bit more and it became clear, I also saw a dinosaur and a squid!

Now, this is just one bit of an example, but is absolutely a beautiful reminder for all of us.

How thoughts and suggestions shape reality. In fact, the more I grow older, the more I realize that reality is subjective. How only the laws of nature are absolute. All the rest are subjective, depending on our own thoughts and the suggestions that we receive from the world around us.


As they say, thoughts become things.

So what you want in life, whatever your wishes or resolutions, you have to think about them, too. Remember to focus on what you want, rather than what you don’t have. Because the mind is like a magnet, drawing things and experiences based on what we think. Isn’t that so powerful?!

A classic example and something that my husband and I use a lot is a parking space. If you read “The Secret” you will know what I am talking about. Anyway, whenever entering a parking area, we always think ‘parking space’ instead of you know, the lack of it or how other drivers park miserably. And it always worked! It’s like the other cars have ears, know that we need parking and one or two, nearest to us, would vacate the spot. Amazing isn’t it? If you haven’t yet, try it next time, ok?

If you have tried using your thoughts to shape your reality, please do share in the comment box below. 🙂


This is something the great advertisers leverage on a daily basis. They suggest how tasty this or that food is, they suggest how mouth watering this drink is, and you get the picture.

Our mind is a sponge that keeps accepting information from all around us. In the case of the light reflections on the ceiling, in the afternoon, I showed the picture I posted above to my husband and he saw nothing. We told him that we thought it is shaped like a dinosaur and he finally found it! He thought the same.

That is the power of suggestions. What we suggest becomes a seed of a thought which shapes our reality.

If you want your reality to be awesome, think great thoughts and be open only to awesome and positive suggestions from the world around you.

May all your holiday wishes and resolutions come to fruition all year round! 🙂

Let’s catch-up again soon!

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