The Mansion Bar and Grill

Let’s pick up from where we left off here Thanksgiving at The Mansion: A Kid Friendly Boutique Hotel, shall we?

Now, my husband and I love dining in hotel restos. When I was working in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Metro Manila, some Mondays were a Mon-date for us at the High Street Café, Shangri-la at The Fort. Whenever there’s something to celebrate we would often go to a hotel restaurant. We love the ambiance, the food selection and the food of course!

Now, let’s go back and talk about The Mansion Bar and Grill. I would say that the food is comparable…or even better than those at high-end hotel restos!

…but it’s more than just the food!

The photos above were taken from their Facebook Page. From upper right, a recipe that’s by request, “OK many have asked about this meal, some details; Imported USDA PRIME BEEF, Imported ALASKAN KING CRAB LEGS. California veggie mix and baby potatoes. USDA PRIME and KING CRAB @ Market Price. You will not find this meal on the menu. Check with us before ordering for availability and price.” Car Wars casts with Chef Glenn and his wife, Bing, Boodle Fight from the first one they hosted, the bar.

At lunchtime when we checked-in (early check-in) the chef shared with us his special for dinner – A Thanksgiving Turkey! We thought that would be our first Thanksgiving turkey so why not?! You would have read here that this was also our first time to really spend the Thanksgiving weekend together and on an out-of-town adventure. 🙂 It was tender and succulent and came with sides that are in themselves tasty and filling. I think I must have gained 4lbs from this dinner alone!

Here’s what my husband had to say.

The food was AWESOME! We would definitely keep coming back just for that alone. First family Thanksgiving Turkey dinner and Chef Glenn surely DELIVERED! The turkey was uber tender and succulent and the gravy was to die for! The sides could have stood their own. They were that good! We especially enjoyed Chef Glenn’s personal table side attendance throughout our entire stay. From dinner, breakfast and lunch he was always there to suggest his personal recommendations and add a story or two. Such an unassuming character. A highlight of our stay. Thanks Chef Glenn! Oh and the Bing’s burger is the Best Ever!

We also tried their Sinigang, Fried Chicken and Fries; Buffalo Wings and the [edited] Shrimp and Crab Etouffe (reminds you of Jambalaya but I like this one better). All good food at a great place!

Now, the sinigang, I really didn’t expect much because he is American, of course sinigang being a certified Pinoy dish. But he delivered! That tasted like a home cooked meal. He even added another small bonus serving of the soup (because we ordered extra rice).

The other thing we appreciate was the excellent customer service. He would share in advance the special for the next meal, he set proper expectations and build rapport. The staff were all friendly and accommodating, too.

I remember when he said, “hey look the fries did not come out the way I want to, could you give me a few more minutes so I can cook a fresh batch for you.” Now, that’s upholding a standard and only giving the best for the customers.

Ok, now before I go hungry again…

What’s your best dining experience? What was the food? Where was it?

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