Leadership and Parenting: Similar and Inseparable

My first leaders are my parents. And since childhood, these two terms have been inseparable for me. In fact, I think that at the core of any parent is a leader.

Do you agree?

(From Brainy Quote)

There are several write-ups on the similarities. I especially liked this one by Brent Gleeson.

My parents did a very good job raising us and leading us. They taught us integrity, authenticity, sincerity. They taught us to do our best in anything we pursue, to always try first before saying “I can’t” (by the way, usually after trying the “I can’t” is turned to “I can”) and to always exceed expectations (or own, not of others’). They taught us to be gentle yet firm, to know how to make our own decisions and to ground everything on what is right, ethical and moral over anything else. We honor, respect and look up to them.

Perhaps this is also why, now that I am an HR professional, I am very passionate when it comes to leadership development and how it impacts employee engagement. Because in my mind, leaders are the parents in the workplace and I surely hold high regard for parents, thus leaders are held at high standards.


While not all parents are created equal, I would like to focus our attention on ourselves as parents – yes, ourselves as in including you who are presently reading this. 🙂

What kind of parents are we for our children?

What life or future do we lead them to?

What are we doing now so that they, too, would see us as both highly respected parents AND leaders?

I am leaving this open ended and hope we’d find answers as we move along in life. Hopefully sooner than later…

For those who found and realized the answers, please feel free to share. 🙂

Thank you for visiting my blog. Till next!

Goodnight/good morning/good afternoon for now. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Leadership and Parenting: Similar and Inseparable

  1. Love it, you are so right that parents are the leader. I feel the same way you do toward your parents. You seem like a woman of ethics. I don’t know if we as a parents doing a great job or not but we are trying to give our kids the best values with ethics so they can survive and stand up for the truth. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful and thoughtful post.

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