Thanksgiving at The Mansion: A Kid Friendly Boutique Hotel

My family went up north for the Thanksgiving holiday. This is a rare moment because when I was working, I followed the Philippine holidays and my husband follows the US’. Going on leave was, for years, out the question given this time of the year in HR – performance appraisals, compensation matters and year-end party preparations, to name a few. So, we really enjoyed and cherished every moment of our out-of-town trip!

I say out-of-town but really this is only 1.5 hours from Quezon City! Just within the outskirts of the Metro and budget-friendly, too. My husband did a good job ‘discovering’ this place for us – The Mansion At The Villages, Clark, Pampanga.

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As soon as you entered the lobby, you would already feel the happy, relaxed energy of the place. It is also very elegant in its design and structure.

My daughter was greeted by a candy village! She always went back here to check the candies. The restaurant (The Mansion Bar and Grill) got you covered, in case your toddler or child (or perhaps your inner child :)) wanted her own candy house. They sell the house + all the candies which you/your child can use for decorations at Php550.00. Too bad my daughter did not insist enough, I would have wanted to decorate one! Haha

The pool!

Just outside our room is a pool, another pool is sitting right in front of the left wing. They have a kiddie pool that is just separated by a divider from the adult pool. So easy to for your child (assisted by you or a guardian) to transfer from kiddie pool to adult pool for a “swim” in the “deep” water. Another value adding bonus are the kiddie life savers and arm floaters. They are provided by the hotel! I really like how thoughtful they were in providing these often forgotten but are very important pool articles.

By the way, in case you want this view, be sure to get the pool-side room. The garden-side view faces the open parking space. That’s what we initially booked, but thanks to the staff (and Kudos to them all!) they upgraded us to the pool-side view and one that is near the playroom, too!

So now, we’re in the playroom. It’s such a nice place packed with toys. Some woodwork was done in-house so you won’t find them elsewhere. My daughter loved it here. Plus, since this is a common area, this is also a great place to help develop their social skills.

If you and your child is more outdoorsy, then head over to the playground where they can, swing, slide, climb, hang on the bars or jump on the trampoline to their little heart’s content.

I love how they have “kid-friendly” (figuratively) written all over. Apart from the open spaces and play areas – The bed is not too high, your toddler can manage it on his/her own. The bed frame is also of a rather soft material.

Now, don’t worry if you don’t have a kid. I think they built this place with everyone in mind. I would actually recommend this to my friends who are single and those who single AND looking. *winks*

While you can opt to visit if you want solitude or you simply want a respite from your highly stressful work-life. This is also a perfect place if you wish to rest and still have that option to socialize, for they have common areas that can be used for social interactions. The photo above is the game room (right beside the playroom) and below is the bonfire area (right beside the playground.

What if this is where you’d meet your special someone? Oh, that would be so romantic! Sometimes, they have outdoor film showing here, by the bonfire!

At the time of our visit, there wasn’t a mosquito, so it shouldn’t be your worry, at least based on our experience.

Oh, and yes, this is also perfect for team buildings (small to medium sized teams as they only have 26 rooms) and leadership strategic planning sessions.

Alas, one of the highlights of our stay. The Mansion Bar and Grill! All these photos were taken from their FB Page. Upper left, the bar, upper right is the cast and crew of History Channel’s Car Wars who filmed here, lower left is the boodle fight (if you so desire, contact Chef Glenn to request) and the last photo, one of his special dishes (also by request).

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They have several other features not included here like the gym and bikes for rent. Here’s a snap of a portion of the track…

I truly am thankful for my husband for this relaxing and fun family bonding weekend.

I liked this place so much, my brother and I are starting to plan a big family (meaning with our parents, and each sibling’s own family) get together here. πŸ™‚

How about you, what’s (or where’s) your favorite place to relax and unwind? πŸ™‚

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