Nature Belongs To Nature

I was busy collecting a few nice seashells and gave them to Emily, my daughter. She kept throwing them back to the water.

Finally, she found a small piece of drift wood and placed some of the shells there. She showed her dad, exclaiming, “Daddy, look at my art work!” and hurried back to sea.

I said, “aren’t we bringing them home, baby?” Much to my surprise and amazement, here’s what she said, “They’re home, mom.”

They’re home, mom!

I spent the following night thinking about this. How can a 3-year old be so sensitive to nature? How can she know this? Why wouldn’t she want to bring them home and start a shell collection? Not discounting her own God-given intellect, of course, but you know…

Then, I recalled…

A year ago or so, she started bringing home flowers and leaves, from her early morning walk. On weekends, I get to walk with her.

I told her not to pick-up the flowers and the leaves, for they belonged to the plant. I would ask her if she wanted for people to take her away from us and of course the answer – “No!”

She, like most kids her age, is like a sponge. Easy absorbs lessons and readily applies what she learned. In fact, I forgot about it because there was no need for me to remind her anymore. She no longer picks up flowers nor leaves.

She is now applying the same to the shells of the sea. Ahhhh… My heart is full!

Now, now, now, my realizations for us parents

… and most especially, a reminder for myself! 🙂

Consistency is Key

Whatever lesson we share with our kids, we have to be mindful that there is an underlying principle at work there. This underlying principle is key and we have to be consistent about it.

For example, the underlying principle to not take away nature from their natural habitat should apply whether on land or in the sea.

Walk the Talk

I am sometimes guilty of this one and so do you and many of our fellow parents. However, if we don’t do as we say, and say as we do, children get confused, which prolongs the learning curve, if they learn at all.

We don’t want to waste all efforts of teaching them how to behave properly, for example, just by showing them otherwise, do we?

I hope you enjoyed reading as much I enjoyed writing this. Definitely, a #proudparentsmoment for me and my husband.

Now, your turn, I am sure you, too, have several #proudparentsmoment or moments to share. I’d be delighted to hear your stories.

Thank you very much for visiting and please continue to check back in for anything parenting at your most convenient time.

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