Failed Pregnancy :(

A baby cries nearby,

Oh what a happy sound,

Doctors, nurses pass by,

Sadness all around.

As one was born,

Another wasn’t fully formed,

My sister, her husband, everyone was torn,

A little too soon we mourned.

Praising God my sis is ok, no matter His reason,

Only He can tell for now,

Anticipating season after season,

To God, always we trust, pray and bow.

His gift, His precious blessing,

Very soon, my sister and we all shall receive,

Ease the pain and the hurting,

Way better days we shall achieve.

Just two weeks ago, my sister shared the good news that they were to have a baby, yay!

However, two days ago, she was rushed to the ER and eventually had to go through the dilation and curettage (D&C more commonly known as raspa) procedure due to severe bleeding and excruciating pain.

The minute they were advised that the baby was gone, they cried, my sister, my brother-in-law, even my mom and aunt cried. The finality of it was difficult to accept, especially that this would have been their first baby.

As they say, “the baby is not meant for my sister and my brother-in-law, yet” and that “it is better that this happened sooner as it gets more painful as the baby grows.”

Despite that, there’s a silver lining.

Let’s focus our energies and thoughts on the positive side of things, even if it is difficult.

  • we are thankful to God that my sister is safe and now recovering
  • our already strong family bonds are again, made stronger no matter the distance
  • we are thankful to the visitors – your presence, even if it was short, was a gift, truly appreciated
  • though the cause was unknown, it was a good time to review eating habits and lifestyle – the need to eat healthier dishes and live a healthy lifestyle
  • it solidified the realization that great preparation is key when it comes to major life changing event (having a baby)
  • our faith in God remains

Do you have words of wisdom or a similar experience to share? Please feel free to drop us a note.

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19 thoughts on “Failed Pregnancy :(

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  2. I’m sorry to hear this. I am humbled by your ability to search for the lessons in this experience and move forward by focusing on the positives, but I imagine it must be exceedingly devastating for your family as well (especially for the parents-to-be). I hope they, and your family, are given the time and respite to grieve the passing and come to terms with it on your own terms.

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  3. Yes, Emile, your family pulled together and is stronger as a result is this shared heartache … and you are able to look back and take a positive stance on the tragedy. But, nothing cures the hole left in the heart of the mom who loses a baby. Whether it is prenatal or when the child is 5 or 15, it is an inconceivable loss. My heart goes out to your family… and I congratulate you for being there as a support system. It’s sure needed at such a devastating time! ❤

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