It’s Like Perla But Better – Meet CocoClean: A Review

Hello everyone? How’s your weekend? I hope you are all having a blessed Sunday!

Have you tried a multi-tasking laundry soap? A laundry soap that’s good enough as face soap?

You may be familiar with (or a user of) Perla, a laundry soap made from pure coconut oil. Until recently, I used perla for laundry (and sometimes as my bath soap, too). It is very gentle on the hands yet tough on stains.

As a parent, I want to use products that are mostly from natural ingredients, effective and as much as possible, local. We should really follow the footsteps of our lolos and lolas when it comes to this. Talking about lola, here’s my write up on my lola’s inspiring and worth emulating lifestyle. Oh and did I tell you, she’s 94 – Lessons from Lola: Lively, Lovely Lifestyle (A Call to Go Back to Healthy Habits). May you learn from her, too.

If you read my article on the Roachbusters, then you already know that I advocate anything natural and safe for babies and our environment.

Now, since I was so impressed by the roach bait, I went on to look for their other products and got intrigued by CocoClean.

If you are into natural, handmade and local products, you may catch them on FB @escentsaromatheraphyph

Here’s how BeautyMNL presented it.

So,  I tried and was surprised that it resolved my main issues with Perla – the thick white film it leaves behind and does not produce suds!

Let me share what I liked about it and how I use it:

  • Laundry Soap. I like that it produces suds which, personally, adds joy to washing (it is a moment of zen for me). It does not leave a white film (which takes too much effort to remove previously) on the hands and basin (which, if you have a husband as OC as mine, it may become an issue).
  • Shave Cream – Ok, let me put it this way,  my brother (see his blog here: SunshineandNightstar ) has better looking and less hairy legs than mine! So, I always have to shave my legs and sometimes when I do,  some stubbles stick out which is very irritating. I didn’t want to buy a shave cream because a tube can cost over Php300 (5.55USD) but am always on a lookout for a very good replacement product. I tried to use CocoClean (primarily because of the luxurious foam and the coconut oil) right before shaving and was thrilled that my legs felt silky smooth! Now, that was one unexpected use.
  • Face Soap. For pimples. Note: not everyday and I will tell you why later. This week, I developed 3 huge pimples! Eeek!!! Like a teenager! But I’m patient when it comes to things like that so I just let it be. Yesterday, I used CocoClean in the bath and was happy to wake up this morning to clear skin. Even the red patches disappeared. Coconut oil has antimicrobial and anti-bacterial properties and I saw them at work here. And, finally….
  • Bath Soap. Not everyday because it is very good as an exfoliant as an effect of the aforementioned properties. When you do, be sure to scrub, scrub, scrub for if not, you will see dead skin cells falling off and it’s not such a nice thing. 🙂

What do I not like about CocoClean? The price. But, I guess it’s a give for a soap that’s 100% natural, multi-purpose (especially that shave creams and gentle and effective anti-pimple soaps are a lot more expensive) with no extenders. I got mine from BeautyMNL at Php80 (1.48USD). This is not a sponsored post.

I have been very lucky to have had the chance to have a chat with Escents PH owner and products maker, Helen Go. She is really devoted to natural sources – from aromatherapy to household cleaning products. She’s also very nice and still very humble considering she’s been in this business for 21 years! Plus, I really like that she and her family uses their products for their own personal use. A testament that these are really good and high-quality ones. Read this article by Nana Nadal (follow her on FB: @nananadal) for more on Helen Go and her business.

Will I stop using Perla? No. I will still use it for bigger, heavier ones for laundry, but will continue to use CocoClean for more delicate fabrics, baby clothes, you get the picture. Oh and yes, the other uses I noted above.

I hope your found this helpful and please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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