Five Teachers Your Child Needs

Teachers play a key role in our child’s development. But let’s not go any farther. Teachers played a key role in our own development, too, and helped shape the people we are today.

Here, I am sharing with you the five kinds if teachers who helped me. I would be truly happy if my daughter would have teachers like them, too.

The Nourishing One

The kind of teacher who does not only teach concepts but also nourish the soul of her students. That one person in school whom students can share all their secrets with, the guidance counsellor type who listens attentively and gives advise that’s full or wisdom and love.

My aunt, Mrs. Yolly Bautista-Fabriquier easily comes to mind here. She was teacher, guidance counselor, school director rolled into one.

Mrs. Gomez, Mrs. Frias and many more from elementary comes to mind, too.

The Practical One

The street smart teacher who does not rely purely on books when she handles the class. This teacher wants his/her students to leave the classroom with actionable lessons that they can apply in life.

Touch their hearts,” this was what my Scout Master and PE Teacher taught us. She said, whatever we do, wherever we go, to always touch the hearts of people first. A guiding principle that I found valuable and still apply til now. Her name – Mrs. Cora Ramirez.

Sir Castro, too. He was a Physics teacher but more than Physics, he taught his class the importance of prioritization and choosing the right priorities.

The Strict One

Definitely one who will not let you get away with a partially completed work or an assignment that was left blank. The class would start and end as planned and you better make sure you follow the uniform and ID guidelines, too, as they will sure catch you.

Ms. Mercy Saunar is top of the list here. But beyond the reputation, this is something everyone better learn early – discipline. Right? Truly something that can help you stay afloat in the toughest of times, can help you stay ahead of the curve and can help you win your day-to-day challenges. (She might not like this classification, though, hehe, peace and cheers, Ms. Saunar, stay pretty!)

The Encouraging One

The teacher who encourages you to be better. One who affirms you in all the right ways, and pushes you to be so much more.

Sir Jaime Encabo affirmed my strengths as early as highschool and was always ready with encouraging words, he both encouraged me and saw me through my successes in highschool.

Ms. Arlyn Creus (now Sims) and Mrs. Huenda were our Math teachers but they always made it seem very simple and always encouraged us that we can, we can, we can.

The Collaborative One

What is the school without the home? For us to harness the best out of education, the school and the home should collaborate. Teachers and parents should always be in touch with each other to have a healthy exchange about the child’s development. This is that teacher, one who keeps in touch with parents about the child’s improvements and just about anything about the child.

Ms. Liberty Camanag is always coordinating with my Mom about my sister’s developments in class. She wasn’t my teacher but at home I always hear her name. This is because her inputs have been very valuable in my sister’s education. Her constant collaboration with my parents ensured my sister got the best of her education. Isn’t that wonderful? By the way, these are good ones, ok? My sister was a very good student.

These are the five types of teachers you’re lucky to have and would be a blessing for your children. Research for the types of teachers if you have to, that’s now important teachers are.

As we are talking about teaching, a big, big, big shout-out to my parents, my very first and still are my best teachers!

Happy Teachers’ Day and a huge thank you to ALL my teachers!!!

Tag the teachers you want to thank.

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