Presence Over Presents

Mommy, mommy, you don’t have to go to work. You don’t need to buy me toys, see (pointing at her toys), I have a lot na oh.”

That’s what my daughter said when she woke up one morning. My husband and I stared at each other and validated we heard the same thing. We were both so amazed, so touched. Music to my ears… what I felt was beyond any word or phrase could express.

My husband and daughter spending time together as they clean the car. Between the two of us, it is my husband who has mastered the art of being present more.

At her young age, she knew that our presence is way better than more toys or any surprise.

An inspiration for me to be more truly present. You see, these days, its easy to be physically present yet with your mind elsewhere some or most of the time – work, meal plans for the weekend, budget or actually being on the phone, etc.

I remember when our father read stories to us at night before bedtime when we were younger. Many books, many stories – fun, interesting and memorable. As we grew up, both our parents continued to be truly present for us. Up til present time that we ourselves are parents, they still listened very intently and eagerly, attentively. Now, my daughter loves telling stories with them, especially with my father. She loves to play pretend camping with my mother and she loves telling stories with my father.

Time to be like the old times when it comes to truly spending time and paying attention to our kids. A conscious and firm decision and discipline to just always go back to present moment whenever the mind tries the wander. Others call it mindfulness, but in this context, I just want to call it being truly present.

May we all be truly present in all our interactions and especially for our children as they are the ones who need us the most.

Til next!

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Thank you and God bless!

17 thoughts on “Presence Over Presents

  1. A wonderful share! My kids are in their 24-30, my oldest turned 30 last month. It’s been a true blessing, to share moments like that. I wrote a post about it; called Baby Boy. My daughter is in the middle child: a tomboy, a daddy’s girl for sure. #PreciousMoments! God bless!

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