Mindful Monday | No To Distracted Parenting 30-Day Challenge (Day 1)

Good morning and happy Monday!

Today is the start of our No To Distracted Parenting 30-Day Challenge!

You might be wondering what this is about. Here’s my blog on No To Distracted Parenting 30-Day Challenge to give you a background.

I’m so excited to get started and make impactful changes. What better day to start than today, a Monday. Though, any day will be great so long as you get started.

Mindful Monday. But first, what is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.

I like this article by Mindful.org. I find it very substantive and entertaining at the same time.

While we will not tackle mindfulness in its entirety today, suffice to say that mindfulness is a handy discipline to help us succeed in our 30-Day Challenge. It is so easy to get distracted at any given moment because our mind has so much more to offer. The gadgets that we have only make these distractions more pronounced and…well…a tad bit more distracting. It requires presence of mind, awareness, and focused intent. Agree?

How to Practice Mindfulness?

Said in so many ways but I summarize it into these two points:

  1. Your mind will wander. It’s human nature.
  2. Be aware so that when it does, just bring it back to the present moment.

In our case, bring back your mind and your attention (yes, without phones, tablets, etc.) to the present moment.

That said, I wanted to share with you what we will use to visualize whether or not we are making progress.

You might be surprised to see many people groups there. Yes, it is important to build the habit, a pattern of behavior, thus it has to be across all interactions.

Those highlighted pink are those that the child observes, too, so very important to win in those areas. Those highlighted blue are also important in building the habit.

You can make your own version of this visualization sheet since it is very simple, but to save you time, I can also share my template with you at no cost! Simply follow/subscribe with your email address and I will share my template with you.

Let’s start!

What’s your point of view on mindfulness? How can it help us to be better parents?

Comment in the box below.

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Thanks for visiting and talk with you again soon! 🙂

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