They say cockroaches have been around since the ancient times and they do not show any sign of ever leaving the face of the planet.

I cringe at the sight of one. Perhaps it’s the wings, the legs or its very unpredictable nature. The now you see me, now you don’t kind. Not to mention cleanliness concerns, especially for us parents with kids. We don’t like any of those.

The thing is, seem to have nested deep down the hole under the glass door in our bathroom. At night, they throw a party so at the risk of having kidney stones, I wait ’till the early morning or after my husband has used the bathroom. You know what I mean?

But I don’t want to use chemical sprays or other chemical-based products, because while it may be effective for the pests it may also post risks for my toddler. Something that I’m not willing to risk.

Until I discovered this cockroach bait. Now, I don’t intend for this to be a lengthy review of the product. Suffice to say that 1. I found this effective (No more roaches! It’s been a week now. Yes, it’s possible!), 2. it has harmless ingredients – cornmeal, flour, oil drippings, borax and distilled water [not just any water]) and 3. in an environment friendly form – paste, not an aerosol.

I am sharing because I know countless other people who have the same concerns (and fears) on roaches. May this be of help to you and your kids!

By the way, even if harmless, still keep this away from children (or adults who have reverted to behaving like children). It looks very much like peanut butter. This is the only thing that I hate about it, actually, because I loooove peanut butter!!!

This is a product of Escents PH

BeautyMNL is where I got mine. This is not a sponsored post.

What is the most effective anti-roach (or pest) product that you have used? How did it work? Share in the comment box below.

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